International Genotype Exchange platform for Animal Breeding

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About the Service

The main purpose of the Genotype Exchange Parentage SNP Exchange (GenoEx-PSE) database is to provide a service for exchanging standardised sets of SNP for genotyped animals to facilitate and streamline parentage analysis activities carried out by organisations that are responsible and/or active in parentage integrity.

Service Users

Organisations wishing to join GenoEx-PSE services shall:
1. Be member of ICAR or be nominated by an ICAR member;
2. Have a valid “ICAR Accreditation for DNA Interpretation Centres”;
3. Sign a Service User Agreement with the Interbull Centre.


The version in use is GenoEx-PSE v1.0 (December 2017).
GenoEx-PSE Manual
GenoEx-PSE Code of Practice
GenoEx-PSE SNP list details
List of Genotyping laboratories
List of Platform-Array Combinations

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